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Your Itinerary
Day 1: Ushuaia Ushuaia(Argentina)(Ushuaia)

At 55 degrees latitude south, Ushuaia (pronounced oo-swy-ah) is closer to the South Pole than to Argentina's northern border with Bolivia. It is the capital and tourism base for Tierra del Fuego, the island at the southernmost tip of Argentina.Although its stark physical beauty is striking, Tierra del Fuego's historical allure is based more on its mythical past than on rugged reality. The island was inhabited for 6,000 years by Yámana, Haush, Selk'nam, and Alakaluf Indians. But in 1902 Argentina, eager to populate Patagonia to bolster its territorial claims, moved to initiate an Ushuaian penal colony, establishing the permanent settlement of its most southern territories and, by implication, everything in between.When the prison closed in 1947, Ushuaia had a population of about 3,000, made up mainly of former inmates and prison staff. Today the Indians of Darwin's "missing link" theory are long gone—wiped out by diseases brought by settlers and by indifference to their plight—and the 60,000 residents of Ushuaia are hitching their star to tourism.The city rightly (if perhaps too loudly) promotes itself as the southernmost city in the world (Puerto Williams, a few miles south on the Chilean side of the Beagle Channel, is a small town). You can make your way to the tourism office to get your clichéd, but oh-so-necessary, "Southernmost City in the World" passport stamp. Ushuaia feels like a frontier boomtown, at heart still a rugged, weather-beaten fishing village, but exhibiting the frayed edges of a city that quadrupled in size in the '70s and '80s and just keeps growing. Unpaved portions of Ruta 3, the last stretch of the Pan-American Highway, which connects Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, are finally being paved. The summer months (December through March) draw more than 120,000 visitors, and dozens of cruise ships. The city is trying to extend those visits with events like March's Marathon at the End of the World and by increasing the gamut of winter activities buoyed by the excellent snow conditions.A terrific trail winds through the town up to the Martial Glacier, where a ski lift can help cut down a steep kilometer of your journey. The chaotic and contradictory urban landscape includes a handful of luxury hotels amid the concrete of public housing projects. Scores of "sled houses" (wooden shacks) sit precariously on upright piers, ready for speedy displacement to a different site. But there are also many small, picturesque homes with tiny, carefully tended gardens. Many of the newer homes are built in a Swiss-chalet style, reinforcing the idea that this is a town into which tourism has breathed new life. At the same time, the weather-worn pastel colors that dominate the town's landscape remind you that Ushuaia was once just a tiny fishing village, snuggled at the end of the Earth.As you stand on the banks of the Canal Beagle (Beagle Channel) near Ushuaia, the spirit of the farthest corner of the world takes hold. What stands out is the light: at sundown the landscape is cast in a subdued, sensual tone; everything feels closer, softer, and more human in dimension despite the vastness of the setting. The snowcapped mountains reflect the setting sun back onto a stream rolling into the channel, as nearby peaks echo their image—on a windless day—in the still waters.Above the city rise the last mountains of the Andean Cordillera, and just south and west of Ushuaia they finally vanish into the often-stormy sea. Snow whitens the peaks well into summer. Nature is the principal attraction here, with trekking, fishing, horseback riding, wildlife spotting, and sailing among the most rewarding activities, especially in the Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego (Tierra del Fuego National Park).

Day 2: Cruising Drake Passage Cruising Drake Passage(Cruising Drake Passage)

Day 4: Crossing the Antarctic Circle Crossing the Antarctic Circle(Crossing the Antarctic Circle)

Day 5: Pourquoi-Pas Island Pourquoi-Pas Island(Antarctica)(Pourquoi-Pas Island)

Day 7: Marguerite Bay Marguerite Bay(Antarctica)(Marguerite Bay)

Day 8: Detaille Island Detaille Island(Antarctica)(Detaille Island)

Day 9: Antarctic Peninsula Antarctic Peninsula(Antarctica)(Antarctic Peninsula)

Remote and otherworldly, Antarctic is irresistible for its spectacular iceberg sculptures and calving glaciers, and for the possibility of up-close encounters with marine mammals and the iconic penguins. The Antarctic Peninsula – the main peninsula closest to South America – has a human history of almost 200 years, with explorers, sealers, whalers, and scientists who have come to work, and eventually intrepid visitors coming to enjoy this pristine and remote wilderness. It is a region of protected bays, unscaled snow-capped mountains, vast glaciers and a few places where whalers or scientists have worked. Just as irresistible are the many Gentoo and Chinstrap Penguin colonies, the seals basking on ice floes, the whales and orcas.

Day 10: Cruising Drake Passage Cruising Drake Passage(Cruising Drake Passage)

Le Commandant-Charcot, the very first hybrid-electric polar exploration ship powered by liquefied natural gas, and the latest addition to the PONANT fleet, has now made it possible to operate polar expedition cruises of a kind never before undertaken.

Unique Feature

Clean Ships- all of the Ponant ships are certified as a “Clean Ship” by the French classification society, Bureau Veritas, one of the world’s major ship classification societies. This coveted and seldom-awarded certification recognises that the PONANT fleet—from initial design and construction to seagoing operations—has adopted the most environmentally responsible materials, equipment, and management procedures possible.

Some of these state-of-the-art systems and processes include:

  • A silent electric propulsion system, with main engines and electric generators that use advanced control systems and burning light, low-sulphur fuels, reducing fuel consumption by up to 30% and greenhouse gas emissions by 40%
  • All ships are equipped with Dynamic Positioning, a sophisticated computer-controlled system, which allows them to maintain a mooring position without dropping anchor, thus eliminating potential damage to sensitive areas
  • Black water (sewage) is filtered and treated aboard ship; any solid residues at the end of the process are stored until they can be properly discharged ashore
  • Grey water (showers, dishwashers, laundry) is treated and recycled for use in cleaning the outside decks
  • Solid wastes (glass, paper, medical, food, etc.) are sorted, compacted where appropriate, and stored in refrigerated compartments until they can be properly disposed ashore
  • Bilge-water is treated with ceramic filtration systems to obtain an extremely low hydrocarbon content (less than 5 PPM instead of the regulatory 15 PPM)
  • The lighting aboard, based on LED and CFR technology, reduces up to 10 times the electrical power required from the ship’s electric generators
  • Far-sounding sonar, in addition to providing the bridge with 3-D pictures of the ocean floor, icebergs, and ice floes, also minimises the risk of collision with marine mammals.

The restaurants onboard Le Commandant Charcot

An essential component of French culture, gastronomy naturally has a place of honour onboard : Le Commandant Charcot hosts the first Alain Ducasse restaurants on a cruise ship.

Fine cuisine

We take care to instil the French 'art of living' even on the other side of the world. We respect the highest standards of cuisine and offer a varied menu, created by our chefs using superior quality ingredients, beautifully presented and flavoursome.


Faithful to our commitment to spreading the French way of life around the world, we always pay special attention to the meals that we serve throughout the day.

Our talented chefs craft high end menus so you can enjoy the delights of a refined table. They share their passion for premium produce with passengers, enriched with the inspiring flavours from the stopovers that we make.

As we wish to develop sustainable and responsible tourism, we source our food directly from the places we stop at, while committing to respecting the local resources.

Gastronomic Restaurant

Nuna (the earth)

On deck 5, you will find a 484 m² gourmet restaurant that can accommodate all of our passengers in a single service. Elegance and refinement will be at the rendezvous of your breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The ship's second bridge is located at the back of the restaurant: behind its large windows, you will have a front row seat to observe the crew during their operations.

  • French and international cuisine
  • Fine wine cellar
  • Deck 5

Sila Restaurant

Sila (the sky, outside) - Deck 9

In a more relaxed atmosphere, a 320 m² restaurant located at deck 9 will welcome you for your breakfasts, buffet lunches and themed dinners.

  • Indoor capacity: 142

Open-Air Bar

Inneq (the fire) - Deck 9

At the open-air bar, you can enjoy a varied and refined range of international sweet and savoury dishes throughout the day (11am-6pm), as well as a permanent menu.

  • Bar capacity : 79
  • Restaurant capacity : 62

Room Service

Whether you wish to have breakfast in the privacy of your stateroom, savour a snack in the middle of the day or enjoy your dinner in an intimate setting, our Room Service is available for you. Have a gourmet interlude and treat yourself from a varied menu at any time of day or night *.


  • A 270 m² (2,906 ft²) reception space

  • The expeditions desk
  • The onboard administrative services
  • The sales office run by our reception and voyages manager
  • The photo area : « Studio Ponant »
  • "Oscillations": a digital artwork by Miguel Chevalier

The Theatre

Kita (let’s go) - Deck 5

Settle comfortably into your seat and enjoy a range of different shows, concerts and performances organised by the professional dancers and musicians onboard.

Special musical evenings, dance evenings and culture and music quizzes are held In the Grand Salon lounge onboard Le Ponant. Additionally, traditional local music concerts, featuring styles such as Corsican polyphony and Caribbean steel band music, are performed out on deck in the open air by bands specially invited onboard for the purpose.

  • Capacity for 270 persons
  • Cutting edge audio and lighting technology
  • LED stage background wall enabling the projection of ultra-high resolution media

The Main Lounge

The main lounge - Deck 5

  • A 313 m² (3,369 ft²) main lounge
  • A 24 m² (258 ft²) cigar lounge
  • A tea room and bar with a programme of live music on certain evenings

Promenade Deck

Promenade Deck - Deck 5

The outside promenade deck is uninterrupted. This means that, unlike most passenger ships, it is possible to walk all the way around the ship and to the bow. It is also equipped with benches heated by energy recovery and two Swarovski Optik telescopes.


Illu (the igloo, the house) - Deck 5

  • A range of jewellery
  • A range of ready-to-wear clothing and special outdoor items suitable for the polar adventure: The North Face, Garmin, Swarovski Optik, Vuarnet, Feelfree
  • Bespoke tips and advice from experts about how to get the most out of the onboard experience and the shore excursions
  • A multilingual range of publications covering each different destination: informational guides, gorgeous photographic books, novels and adventure stories, a special range for children, etc.
  • Unique souvenirs so you can share the magic of the Charcot experience with others
  • A range of accessories for the home
  • French- and European-made products and items

The Pool Deck

The pool deck - Deck 9

The outdoor areas on our ships, comfortable and conducive to relaxation, have been designed to merge into the sublime scenery and surroundings of the sea and horizon. There is a heated seawater pool featuring its own sun lounge on the top deck of our sister ships (Le Boréal, L’Austral, Le Soléal and Le Lyrial) and on the third deck of the PONANT EXPLORERS (Le Lapérouse, Le Champlain, Le Bougainville, Le Dumont-D’Urville, Le Jacques Cartier and Le Bellot). Le Ponant is equipped with a 400 m² (4,300 ft²) sun deck.

  • A heated indoor swimming pool with a superb skylight thanks to its large glass roof
  • A sunroom with large external-facing windows
  • A Detox bar with sofas and armchairs
  • Blue Lagoon pools, an outdoor heated lagoon with a temperature that ranges from 27 to 37° C using recycled energy from the ship
  • A giant firepit (Inneq - le feu), so you can enjoy the polar landscapes in complete comfort
  • An outdoor bar (Blue Lagoon bar) where you can enjoy a varied and refined range of sweet and savoury food throughout the day (11:00-18:00)

The Observation Lounge

Anori (the wind) - Deck 9

  • A bar and a 262 m² (2820 ft²) observation lounge
  • Library, reading area, live entertainment on certain evenings
  • 2 Swarovski Optik telescopes


A photography and videography team escort you throughout your trip. These professionals capture the most beautiful moments of your cruise, which you can share with family and friends upon your return. Meet them on DECK 5 (DECK 6 on the PONANT Explorers ships) at the photo/video area, where you can also order souvenir pictures and videos.

Wellness Lounge

Nuan (wellness / happiness) - Deck 9

  • 430 m² dedicated to wellness
  • Spa Biologique Recherche : 3 massage and beauty cubicles (including one double cubicle with sea view), a nail salon, 2 lounges with sea view to to wait or relax after a session
  • A hair salon with Davines products
  • A Sauna (Ikuma - the burning heat)
  • A Snow Room (Siku - the ice) a fun and invigorating snow bath you can try out after leaving the sauna
  • Gym with with sea view and TECHNOGYM machines (elliptical trainers, Kinesis®, 3 treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machine…) a dedicated coach
  • A heated indoor swimming pool (Imaq - sea water) with countercurrent swimming and a superb skylight thanks to its large glass roof
  • A sunroom with large external-facing windows
  • A Detox bar with sofas and armchairs

The Spa

All our ships feature an onboard spa. Equipped with massage cabins and a Turkish bath (Sisterships) or a sauna (Explorers), the spa offers a wide choice of top-of-the-range treatments provided in association with SOTHYS™ or CLARINS (Le Bellot and Le Jacques-Cartier only), leading French spa and wellness centre brands.

Discover a range of facial treatments, aromatic baths, exfoliation and body massage treatments designed to provide moments of complete relaxation. You can also supplement your beauty ritual with additional services such as hair-removal, makeovers, manicures and pedicures.

Prices and details of services in the PONANT Yacht Spa menu.

The Hairdressing Salon

Provided in partnership with KÉRASTASE® and L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL®, the hairdressing salon offers a complete range of top quality treatments designed to strengthen, nourish and reinvigorate hair's shine and brilliance. Our stylists are available to serve all your styling, highlighting, colouring, cutting and tailored hair advice needs.

The Gym

The gyms on our ships are equipped with the very latest Technogym© equipment and machines. Treadmills, exercise bikes, Kinesis Wall© strength training machines and many other types of equipment are all provided in a laid-back relaxing environment. The wide floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the sea add undeniable charm to the exercise sessions.

Each day also begins with organised morning workout sessions, either out in the open air or in the theatre. These are supplemented by water aerobics in the pool, or in the sea off the beach for PONANT passengers, when the situation allows it.

Deck 1

Deck 9

  • Inneq Bar
  • Sila Restaurant
  • Indoor Pool
  • Winter Garden and Detox Bar
  • Fitness Room
  • Spa
  • Nail Bar
  • Hair Salon
  • Sauna
  • Snow Room
  • Panoramic Lounge

Deck 2

Deck 8

  • Bridge
  • Staterooms

Deck 7

Deck 7

  • Staterooms

Deck 6

Deck 6

  • Training Centre
  • Staterooms

Deck 5

Deck 5

  • Promenade Deck
  • Aft. Bridge
  • Nuna Gastronomic
  • Restaurant
  • Reception Desk
  • Expedition Desk
  • Photo/Video Studio
  • Sales Cruise Deck
  • Ogar Lounge
  • Gift Shop
  • Main Lounge
  • Bar
  • Theatre

Deck 8

Deck 3

  • Expedition Rooms
  • Conference Room

Le Commandant-Charcot, the very first hybrid-electric polar exploration ship powered by liquefied natural gas, and the latest addition to the PONANT fleet, has now made it possible to operate polar expedition cruises of a kind never before undertaken.

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