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Komodo & the Australian Coast

Komodo & the Australian Coast


Your Itinerary
Day 1: Benoa Benoa, Bali(Indonesia)(Benoa)

Bali really is as alluring as everyone says. This island, slightly bigger than Delaware, has it all: beaches, volcanoes, terraced rice fields, forests, renowned resorts, surfing, golf, and world-class dive sites. But what sets Bali apart from other nearby tropical destinations is Balinese tradition, and villagers dedicated to celebrating it. The hundreds of temples, dances, rituals, and crafts linked to their ancient Hindu faith aren't a show for tourists, but a living, breathing culture in which visitors are warmly received by the Balinese, who cherish their own identities.

Day 2: Lombok Lombok(Indonesia)(Lombok)

Lombok's beaches and coastal villages are comparatively undeveloped and the locals, while friendly, are relatively indifferent to tourists. Although the destination is inevitably compared with its better-known neighbor, Bali, the island differs physically, culturally, linguistically and historically. The indigenous Islamic Sasak people make up 90 percent of the population and, though they appear to live amicably with the Balinese minority, there is occasional animosity, which is not surprising given that a lot of the economic advantages of increased tourism have eluded the native Sasak.

The spectacular volcano of Mt Rinjani dominates the mountainous north of the island and is a popular four-day trek for locals and tourists alike. To the south are the central plains, which contain the most productive agricultural areas as well as the major conurbation on the west coast, an amalgamation of the towns of Ampenan, Mataram, Cakranegara and Sweta. Further south again, beyond a range of low inland hills, are the sweeping bays and pure white sands of the southern beaches, all of which can be explored from Kuta (not to be confused with Bali's Kuta), the main resort town of southern Lombok and surfing Mecca of the island.

Several groups of islands lie off the Lombok northwest coast, the best known being the three Gili Islands - Trawangan, Meno and Air - which have been popular for many years with backpackers seeking a simple lifestyle of sea, sun and sand. However, they are now becoming more widely discovered and as a result more expensive.

Day 3: Komodo Island Rinca Island(Indonesia)(Komodo Island)

Day 4: Sailing the Timor Sea Sailing the Timor Sea(Sailing the Timor Sea)

Day 5: Darwin Darwin, Northern Territory(Australia)(Darwin)

The city of Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory, presides loftily over the top end of Australia. Set on a rocky peninsula that stretches into one of the most beautiful natural harbours on the north Australian coast, the city is surrounded by water on three sides, which allows it to be fanned by cool breezes that temper the tropical heat and humidity of its climate.

Darwin has survived destruction three times: the city was hit by a cyclone in 1893; it was then bombed by the Japanese in 1942 during World War II; and more recently, in 1974, Cyclone Tracy levelled the city on Christmas Eve. It is a tribute to the pioneering spirit of its cosmopolitan population of 87,000 that it has not only overcome these calamities, but gone on to thrive.

The city is compact, and the areas of most interest to tourists are easy to explore on foot. The tropical climate encourages outdoor living and simply strolling through the leafy streets, browsing art galleries and enjoying refreshments at sidewalk cafes, is a pleasure for visitors. Shady parks can be found behind busy shopping streets and are a delight with exotic flowering trees like frangipani, banyan and tamarind.

Darwin is a youthful, tropical city, small enough to feel friendly and relaxed, and a great travel hub for exploring the incredible natural wonders on the city's doorstep.

Day 7: Sailing the Arafura Sea Sailing the Arafura Sea(Sailing the Arafura Sea)

Day 8: Thursday Island Thursday Island, Queensland(Australia)(Thursday Island)

Day 9: Sailing the Coral Sea Sailing the Coral Sea(Sailing the Coral Sea)

Day 10: Cairns Cairns, Queensland(Australia)(Cairns)

The cosmopolitan, colourful city of Cairns, in far north Queensland, is a tourist hub and the gateway to two of the world's most awesome World Heritage Sites, the Great Barrier Reef and the 110-million-year-old Daintree Rainforest.

Cairns started life as a small fishing encampment, which received an injection of prosperity in the 19th century when gold was discovered to the north and tin and timber began to be exploited in the nearby Atherton Tablelands. The harbour and fishing operations increased in importance, and tourism arrived in the early 20th century when marlin fishing became popular, and the world discovered the delights of exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

Aided by its pleasant, warm climate, the relaxed tropical town has now become a frenzied international tourism centre, flooded with visitors most of the year, its streets lined with souvenir stores, eateries and some first class hotels. The harbour is clogged with streamlined pleasure boats, and the offshore islands bristle with resorts. To cater for tourists the city fathers have even created a man-made salt-water lagoon and sandy beach on the Esplanade to replace the original muddy swamp that crowned Trinity Bay.

To holiday in Cairns is to holiday in a city that has a mission to make tourists as happy as possible. Facilities and fun recreation opportunities are excellent, and the city is a relatively inexpensive destination. Anyone who enjoys a sunny beach holiday should travel to Cairns, where the magnificent man-made lagoon offers safe swimming all year round, the sunshine guarantees a suntan, and there are plenty of shops, restaurants and nightclubs to indulge in. A Cairns holiday is also popular among young adventure tourists, with pursuits like scuba diving, skydiving, and ballooning on offer. And, of course, the Great Barrier Reef is just a hop and a skip away.

Day 11: Townsville Townsville, Queensland(Australia)(Townsville)

With a magnetic charm and dozens of fabulous attractions and golden sandy beaches, this laid-back little town oozes with character and takes pride in being the unofficial capital of Queensland. Townsville is located on the shores of Cleveland Bay and with views of the picturesque and idyllic Magnetic Island in the distance it's not hard to see why people are so strongly drawn here.

Townsville played an active role in World War II, when American and Australian troops were stationed here during the Pacific campaign. Japanese bombs were even dropped in the harbour in 1942, but thankfully there was very little damage to the coastal city. Today an army of local and international tourists visit, drawn to the year-round good weather and varied attractions to suit any inclination.

Take a trip to the magnificent Magnetic Island to explore the National Park, or take the plunge and do some reef diving to discover the famous Yongala Wreck or Great Barrier Reef to the east. Back on land go on a 4x4 trip into the Outback to the west, marvel at the magnificently verdant tropical rainforests dotted with waterfalls to the north, or visit the mango and sugar cane farms to the south.

With numerous restaurants and bars, wonderful shopping opportunities and a quiet cosmopolitan feel, Townsville has something for everyone, though it should be noted that saltwater crocodiles are present in all swimming locations here, including the beach, so caution should be exercised in the water.

Day 12: Airlie Beach Airlie Beach(Australia)(Airlie Beach)

Airlie Beach is a coastal locality in the Whitsunday Region of Queensland and is a popular area to access the Great Barrier Reef. A popular location for cruise ships Airlie Beach is a popular location not only because of the fantastic lagoon and many wonderful traditional Australian pastimes, but also its perfect location for access to both the Whitsunday Islands as well as the Great Barrier Reef.

Day 13: Sailing the Australian Coast Sailing the Australian Coast(Sailing the Australian Coast)

Day 14: Mooloolaba Mooloolaba, Queensland(Australia)(Mooloolaba)

Day 15: Sailing the Australian Coast Sailing the Australian Coast(Sailing the Australian Coast)

Day 16: Newcastle Newcastle, New South Wales(Australia)(Newcastle)

Day 17: Sydney Sydney, New South Wales(Australia)(Sydney)

Sydney is Australia's most popular tourist hotspot, luring millions of holidaymakers every year with the promise of sun, sand, merry-making and culture. It is slick and smart, the streets are clean, the parks sublime, the water in the huge harbour bright blue, and the landmark buildings breathtaking. Sydney's population is approaching five million, but it is easy to leave the frenetic urban pace behind with just a simple ferry ride to the North Shore for a bush walk, or a stroll along the harbour beaches, or any one of a number of daytrips to explore the 'real' Australia on the city's doorstep.

Just like its characteristic white-sailed Opera House, Sydney seems to cruise effortlessly through nights and days filled with myriad entertainment opportunities, sophisticated shopping, memorable museums, and strings of beautiful beaches. It can be exhausting to take it all in, even though the tourist precinct where most of the interesting attractions are to be found is concentrated in quite a small area around the downtown waterfront and harbour.

The fact that Sydney is a thriving seaport and industrial city has been cleverly concealed behind attractive pleasure and leisure grounds and residential suburbs, making full use of the scenic, watery geographical location. The harbour area is dominated by the span of one of the world's largest arched bridges, backed by towering skyscrapers.

Another plus for visitors is that, compared to most big cities, Sydney offers excellent reasonably priced food, accommodation and public transport. The city also has an efficient suburban rail network, with its hub at Circular Quay in the city centre, while full use is made of the waterways with ferries and passenger jet boats plying to and from various points.

To the north of Sydney is the Pacific Coastal route, which passes beautiful coastal scenery, laid back seaside communities like Byron Bay, and excellent surf, with nearly 249 miles (400km) of beaches to explore. Whale watching is popular in season and the region is also dotted with numerous national parks and nature reserves that offer plenty of hiking trails and kayaking in the Myall Lakes. The Waterfall Way, which winds up to the New England Tablelands, is one of the most scenic drives in the world, taking in the vineyards of the famed Hunter Valley. To the south of Sydney is Australia's only alpine habitat in the Snowy Mountains, where winter skiing is the main attraction. In summer, the mountains become a playground for whitewater rafters, fishermen, kayakers and hikers, making Sydney a great travel hub.

Expand your horizons on comfortable, state-of-the-art ships, intimate and thoughtfully created by experienced nautical architects and designers to enrich your interaction with your destination in every way. Each sister ship carries only 930 guests and is engineered at a scale that allows direct access into most ports. The fleet features understated elegance and modern Scandinavian design.

Unique Feature

The Infinity Pool, one of the first of its kind at sea, gives you a sense of swimming in the heart of your destination. Its glass backing is infused with the spirit of exploration. 

Viking believe the best way to understand a country is through enrichment. On their cruises, you truly explore your destination—through its food, culture, countryside and customs. Perhaps you accompany the ship’s chef on a trip to a local market; go behind the scenes at a famous theatre company; or even view private collections and hidden vaults at world-class museums.

The Restaurant

Breakfast and dinner, welcome to The Restaurant. One of the finest restaurants you'll find. Anywhere. Where the daily changing menus complement the daily changing views. And where you can feast on traditional favourites as well as local specialities, all perfectly prepared and presented. 

Aquavit Terrace

There is nothing like dining in the great outdoors. Big sky. Setting sun and a chance to drink in the fresh air, as well as the views. Step out of The World Café onto The Aquavit Terrace. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is everything you want relaxed dining to be.

World Café

Discover flavours of the east in Copenhagen, the tastes of Tuscany in Sydney, and the freshest sushi in the Amazon jungle. Morning, noon and night, explore a world of taste at the World Cafe. A celebration of foods that make us different, but also bring us together.

Explorers' Lounge

Inspired by the trade routes of Vikings, the Explorers’ Lounge is the ideal place for guests to share their discoveries over an aquavit or a craft beer while sampling fine Scandinavian fare. Central to the Explorers’ Lounge is Mamsen’s, a casual gourmet deli inspired by Norwegian cuisine, from smoked salmon to open-faced sandwiches and locally sourced charcuterie and cheeses. The daily “Waffle Hour” provides mouth-watering samples of the beloved treat.

The Chef's Table

Executive Chef Anthony Mamboussin's dining concept has been impressing guests on every cruise. Five courses, each with a wine pairing, follow a specific theme. Venice Carnival. Sweet and Sour. Asian Panorama. It's a whole new world of discovery. 


Long, laughter-filled dinners don't get better than those in Manfredi's, the Italian grill restaurant. Traditional Tuscan and Roman cuisine (think perfectly cooked steaks, fresh seafood, handmade pastas and an overflowing antipasto trolley) in a warm, contemporary setting. Buon Appetito!

The Pool Grill

When stepping in for lunch is a step too far, tuck into a tasty snack at the Pool Grill. Classic, American-style sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs always hit the spot. Pile on the mustard, dress with pickles, slaw and sauces and wash it down with an ice-cold beer or crisp white wine. Lap it up, it’s all included.


In the Nordic deli, feast on waffles laden with fresh blueberries and cream or gjetjost, Norway's sweet nutty cheese. Or tuck into pancakes covered in cloudberry jam or glistening with lemon and sugar. Flipping marvellous.

The Wintergarden

A good afternoon. A comfy sofa in The Wintergarden. Sandwiches, cakes and scones, and a pot of your favourite blend of tea. The light and airy surroundings and the striking blonde wooden canopy are as delicious as the cream teas.

Private Dining

24-hour Room Service

Breakfast in bed. Lunch on your private veranda. Late night nibbles. Enjoy room service at any time, without paying any more.

The Wintergarden

When you yearn for serenity, there is no better place on ship than a visit to the Wintergarden. This charming, airy space around the main pool is perfect for relaxing in clean, uncluttered Scandinavian-designed environment. Even here, our focus is on enrichment, as this is the place to witness a tea ceremony, or indulge in an afternoon tea service, complete with hand-selected teas, finger sandwiches and pastries.

Viking Bar

Enjoy a cocktail in the Viking Bar, which is located on the ground floor of the atrium.

The Viking Living Room

The ideal setting for relaxation and conversation, The Viking Living Room draws guests together. Spacious seating, melodic piano tunes, live entertainment and planned activities foster rich camaraderie. And its well-curated Viking Library informs even the best-read traveler. Adorned with nautical touches from Viking days, including the clinker-built bar inspired by ancient longships, it is the most inspired living room at sea.

The Theatre & Cinema

Even our theaters connect you to the destinations.

Our main venue, The Theater, features live performances that bring you closer to the culture of our destinations. Sometimes, the destination we connect you to exists solely in the realm of an otherworldly theatrical journey, as is the case with beautifully themed shows. 

We will also pull back the curtains of our destinations with cinema in our two movie theaters, which show first-run films you have not yet seen as well as destination-driven cinema such as "Room with A View," "Roman Holiday," or "Skyfall." And because the intellect also needs to be stimulated, our theaters will always be buzzing with fresh, new insights from our port talks and onboard lectures that feature the history, art, and culture of our destinations. And since we have always promised you will explore the world in comfort, we have banished uncomfortable theater seating in favor of soft and spacious sofa seating

Explorers' Lounge

Inspired by the trade routes of Vikings, the Explorers’ Lounge is the ideal place for guests to share their discoveries over an aquavit or a craft beer while sampling fine Scandinavian fare. Central to the Explorers’ Lounge is Mamsen’s, a casual gourmet deli inspired by Norwegian cuisine, from smoked salmon to open-faced sandwiches and locally sourced charcuterie and cheeses. The daily “Waffle Hour” provides mouth-watering samples of the beloved treat.

The Shops

There are shops located on Deck 2.

The Spa

Blending the rejuvenating experience of Nordic therapies with the restorative power of the sea, Viking have reinvented the spa experience; drawing upon the holistic wellness philosophy of Nordic culture. To stimulate your circulatory system visit the snow grotto where snowflakes gently descend from the ceiling through chilled air, then invigorate yourself in the sauna, following a centuries-old Nordic tradition.

Bright and beautiful, The Spa is a destination in its own right. A sanctuary for body and soul, float in the gently bubbling water of the hydrotherapy pool, warmed by the sight of flickering flames of a full-length fireplace. Recline on a heated ceramic bed under soft lighting. Chill out in the Snow Grotto. Relax.

Main Pool

The heated Main Pool and hot tub provide a calming oasis in any weather. The retractable roof allows for any-time swims and soaks.

A haven for relaxation, it’s a fun spot to socialize during a day at sea. It’s been thoughtfully designed for lap swims, leisurely wading or enjoying a drink poolside.

By night, it’s a magical setting for star gazing and for viewing our “Movies under the Stars.

Infinity Pool

The Infinity Pool, one of the first of its kind at sea, gives you a sense of swimming in the heart of your destination. Its glass backing is infused with the spirit of exploration.

Fitness Centre

The state-of-the-art gym adds some muscle to your exercise regime, and the breathtaking views help you forget how hard you're working. Our personal trainers offer programmes to inspire you to build enthusiasm for movement and exercise, and have fun too.

Flex and stretch in a yoga or pilates class in a studio space that, like the gym, has floor-to-ceiling windows. Yoga mats sit in a handwoven basket. Gleaming weights invite you to step it up a notch and, everywhere, chilled bottled water keeps you hydrated and refreshed.

Sports Deck

As well as a walking track, the Sports Deck features an outdoor gym and other activities, including mini golf, shuffleboard and quiots. Game on.

The Salon

Head to the hair and beauty salon, because you're worth it, of course. A Viking ocean cruise is all about feeling good, from top to toe.

Deck 9
  • Outdoor Gym & Yoga Area
Deck 8
  • Staterooms
  • Explorers' Lounge (upper level)
Deck 7
  • Main Pool (with retractable roof)
  • Explorers' Lounge (main level)
  • Wintergarden
  • Aquavit Terrace (with al fresco dining)
  • Infinity Pool & Hot Tub
  • Mamsen's
  • Lanai
  • Pool Grill
  • Cinema
  • Pool Bar
  • Owner's Suite
Deck 6
  • Navigational Bridge
  • Staterooms
  • Self-service Launderette
  • 2 ADA Cabins
Deck 5
  • Staterooms
  • Self-service Launderette
Deck 4
  • Staterooms
  • Self-service Launderette
Deck 3
  • Staterooms
  • Self-service Launderette
  • Atrium (top level)
Deck 2
  • Theatre & Bar
  • Cinema 1 & 2
  • Torshavn
  • Shops
  • Atrium
  • Restaurant
  • Wraparound Promenade
Deck 1
  • The Spa
  • Viking Living Room
  • Guest Services
  • Fitness Centre
  • Viking Bar
With their sleek, yacht-style bows and teak promenade decks, Viking’s ocean ships are a million miles from the large liners that sail the seas.

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Komodo & the Australian Coast
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