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Istanbul Icons & Aegean Artifacts via the Corinth Canal Cruise Tour

Istanbul Icons & Aegean Artifacts via the Corinth Canal Cruise Tour

Your Itinerary
Day 1: Athens Greece(Athens)

Athens exudes a unique charm; its lively character wins over tens of thousands of visitors every year. Street markets vine-covered tavernas souvenir stalls and ancient monuments are dotted among high-rise buildings in this capital city which one out of four Greeks calls home. For tourists the greatest advantage is that most attractions are accessible on foot in the central area around the landmark Acropolis.Athens was named after Athena the Greek goddess of wisdom who according to mythology won the city as prize after a duel against Poseidon. The city can chart its history back thousands of years and is regarded as the cradle of western civilisation; the place where democracy was invented and philosophy art and architecture were refined. After a classical golden age when it was home to Socrates Plato and Aristotle the city declined in the Middle Ages dwindling to nothing but a town with a few thousand residents gathered in the colourful area that is now known as the Plaka until its rebirth as capital of an independent Greece in 1834.Nowadays the city is busy and bustling. While the pollution frantic gridlock and dingy buildings are a striking contrast to the open beauty of Greece's coast and islands Athens is truly the heartbeat of the country and ancient wonders like the Acropolis the Parthenon and the Temples of Zeus and Hephaesus ensure that Athens will always have its attractions.

Day 2: Crossing the Corinth Canal Crossing the Corinth Canal(Crossing the Corinth Canal)

Day 3: Itea Greece(Itea)

Day 4: Santorini Greece(Santorini)

Besides being one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Santorini is also one of the most geologically and archaeologically dramatic. Often called Thira, the island is shaped like an enormous pair of jaws encircling a lake filled with pure blue water. This is the core of an ancient volcano, which according to legend, destroyed the lost continent of Atlantis.

Santorini's capital, Fira, perches on a cliff top. Ferries arrive and depart in the harbour below, while visitors walk or ride donkeys up the steep winding path to the town. Fira has hotels, good restaurants, bars and plenty of nightlife to keep tourists happy.

History buffs should visit Ancient Thira's archaeological remains. They date back to the 9th century BC, and they're on the island's east side. Other attractions include the excavations at a Minoan Bronze Age settlement called Akrotiri, an archaeological museum, and an 18th-century monastery. Santorini has two swimming beaches, Perissa and Kamari, both characterised by their volcanic black sand.

Day 5: Bodrum Turkey(Bodrum)

The popular holiday resort of Bodrum, called Halicarnassus in ancient times, is the South Aegean's most attractive resort, described by Homer as the 'Land of Eternal Blue'. The hillside is covered in painted villas adorned with bougainvillea, narrow streets wind their way down to the sea, and the peaceful setting of its twin harbours offer shelter for yachts.

Bodrum is a mustering point for local boats offering tailor-made daytrips to nearby islands or the pristine beaches and seaside restaurants along the magnificent coastline. From its position between the two harbours, the 15th century crusader Castle of St Peter dominates every part of the town, now home to the fascinating Museum of Underwater Archaeology. The other Bodrum holiday attraction is the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the crumbling remains of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

As Turkey's leading seaside holiday destination, Bodrum is packed with foreign visitors in summer. Yet it remains unspoilt and retains its charming Turkish character, perfecting the balance between authenticity and tourist comforts. Here, exotic bazaars, the wailing cry of the muezzin, and ancient history seamlessly blend with popular water sports, sunbathing, and a nightlife that is notorious throughout Turkey.

Day 6: Kusadasi Turkey(Kusadasi)

Kusadasi is a large resort town on Turkey's Aegean coast, and the centre of the seaside district of the same name within Aydin Province. Kusadasi is 95 km (59 mi) south of Izmir, and about 60 km (37 mi) from Aydin. The municipality's primary industry is tourism. Kusadasi is a hugely popular tourist destination due to its perfect combination of culture, amazing beaches and fantastic things to eat and do. The area features several well-known local beaches, including Ladies Beach, the beach at the centrum, the beaches between the Batihan Hotel and the Nazilli Site, the beach at Güzelçamli, and the Dilek Peninsula National Park beach, referred to by locals as simply Milli Park.

Day 7: Mykonos Greece(Mykonos)

Mykonos is upmarket, fashionable and a favourite among gay travellers. It's quite possibly Greece's most expensive island. Designer shops, perfect beaches, colourful tavernas and throbbing dance clubs are all on offer. That said, trendy crowds and nude beaches have not erased the destination's enchanting traditional flavour.

Sightseers can visit the island's archaeological museum, which displays finds from the necropolis (cemetery) on nearby Rhenia. Day trips to the uninhabited island of Delos are also highly recommended. The UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site was the Aegean's religious centre during ancient times, and features in some captivating myths. Its history is almost as interesting. Visitors can explore the temples and the Avenue of the Lions, and see stunning archaic sculptures in the museum.

Day 8: Çanakkale Turkey(Çanakkale)

Çanakkale is the nearest major urban center to the ancient city of Troy, which (together with the ancient region of the Troad) is located inside Çanakkale Province. The wooden horse from the 2004 movie Troy is exhibited on the seafront.

Day 9: Istanbul Turkey(Istanbul)

The splendid city of Istanbul has many unique and fascinating features. It is the only city in the world reaching across two continents, with its old city in Europe and modern Istanbul situated in Asia, separated by the Bosphorus Strait. It is also unique in having had capital status during two successive empires, Christian Byzantine and Islamic Ottoman, and the legacy from both is visible in the modern city today.

Istanbul's location on the water made it a much coveted site as a commercial shipping port and military lookout, and as capital of the Roman Empire, Constantinople, as it was known, became extremely desirable as a centre of world trade, until Mehmet the Conqueror claimed it for the Ottoman Empire in 1453 and it became the imperial seat of the sultans. After the War of Independence the capital was moved to Ankara, but Istanbul still remains the commercial, historical, and cultural heart of Turkey today.

The charm and character of Istanbul lies in its endless variety and jumble of contradictions. Its fascinating history has bequeathed the city a vivid inheritance of Byzantine ruins, splendid palaces, ancient mosques and churches, hamams (bath-houses), and exotic bazaars. Modern Istanbul exudes trendy bars and nightclubs, western boutiques, office blocks, and elegant suburbs.

Carrying only 312 guests, Star Legend still tucks into small ports like Sinop and Honfleur or narrow waterways like the Corinth Canal. We can’t wait to welcome you on board for your next 180 degree from ordinary adventure!

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Carrying only 312 guests, Star Legend still tucks into small ports like Sinop and Honfleur or narrow waterways like the Corinth Canal. We can’t wait to welcome you on board for your next 180 degree from ordinary adventure!

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Unique Feature

Windstar Cruises pride themselves in offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only is each ship small enough to feel homely, but the moment you step onboard, it feels like your own private yacht.

We’ve upped the onboard dining game with our culinary program, featuring an array of fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from each ports along the journey. The menu us crafted to highlight the spectacular flavors of the regional cuisine.

Amphora Restaurant

Here, the dining room manager seats you, but where is your decision. There are no pre-assigned tables or first or second seatings. When you dine and with whom are entirely up to you. Seating usually begins at 6:30 p.m. and will be printed in the ship's daily program. Each delightful dish is prepared exactly to your liking – an exquisite dinner served course-by-course with a fine selection of vintage wines.

The Yacht Club

Certainly a Windstar favourite, The Yacht Club is the perfect place if you want to enjoy some casual dining. Serving gourmet sandwiches, snacks and beverages, all the food is prepared to your liking and is presented in impeccable Windstar style.


It's breakfast alfresco, full service or buffet-style, anytime till 9:30 a.m. No need to hurry. Again, the choices are many in Veranda. Choose the sumptuous, seemingly endless buffet. Or, order from the lunch menu between noon and 2:30 p.m.

Candles Grill

Here’s the perfect place for a romantic tête-a-tête under the stars in Candles, Windstar’s signature outdoor restaurant transformed by night into a dreamlike paradise. Delectable cuisine, memorable surroundings, inspired wine pairings.

Star Grill by Steven Raichlen

You’ll find all your traditional grilled and barbecued favorites (and discover new dishes from around the world) in our new casual outdoor restaurant brought to you in partnership with global grilling authority, Steven Raichlen.

Cuadro 44 by Anthony Sasso

Savor flavors of Spanish local culture as you dine in intimate surroundings that encourage sharing and camaraderie by ten-time Michelin-starred Chef Anthony Sasso. With seating for 38 including a chef’s counter and communal table, it’s an inventive take on modern Spanish cuisine. 

Compass Rose

Compass Rose can be found on Deck 6.

The Yacht Club

The Yacht Club can be found on Deck 8.


The Lounge can be found on Deck 5.

Screening Room

The ship’s card room is now the new Star Screening Room, where guests can view current movies.


As you enter the hushed atmosphere of the newly-expanded WindSpa, you'll feel every last care gently melt away. Maybe you'll try a Hydralift facial or a new color on your toes. Maybe you'll surrender to the transformative power of a relaxing massage. With one of the highest crew-to-passenger ratios at sea, you will find yourself in the enviable position of never having to lift a finger.

The crew is happy to do whatever we can to make your time on board as pampered as possible. Please book spa appointments with the hotel manager once you've boarded your yacht.

Health & Fitness Facilities

These include Watersports Platform, Whirlpools & Pool, and Beauty Salon.

Fitness Centre

The fitness centre is located on deck 7.

Deck 8
  • Yacht Club Café & Library (1)
  • Star Bar (2)
  • Star Grill by Steven Raichlen (3)
Deck 7
  • Bridge (4)
  • World Spa by Windstar (5)
  • Fitness Centre and Motion Studio (6)
  • Pool and Whirlpool (7)
  • Veranda/Candles (8)
Deck 6
  • Star Boutique (9)
  • Cuadro 44 by Anthony Sasso (10)
  • Compass Rose (11)
  • Owner's Suites
  • Star Porthole Suites
  • Star Balcony Suites
  • Deluxe Suite
  • Star Ocean View Suites
  • Balcony Suites
  • Owner's Suite
Deck 5
  • Whirlpool (12)
  • Reception (13)
  • Destination Office (14)
  • Screening Room (15)
  • Lounge (16)
  • Classic Suites
  • Ocean View Suites
  • Balcony Suites
  • Deluxe Suite
  • Star Balcony Suite
  • Star Ocean View Suite
  • Ocean View Suite - Accessible Suites (548, 550)
Deck 4
  • Star Ocean View Suites
  • Balcony Suite
  • Ocean View Suites - Accessible Suites (448,450)
  • Deluxe Suite
Deck 3
  • Watersports Platform (18)
    • Amphora Restaurant (17)
    • Medical Facility
    • Star Porthole Suites

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    Istanbul Icons & Aegean Artifacts via the Corinth Canal Cruise Tour
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